The 3D-Lab+ LUMC aims to optimally integrate accessible 3D technologies to the three pillar activities of the LUMC, namely: patient care, (translational) research and education. Knowledge and expertise about these 3D technologies is combined and extended in the 3D-Lab+ LUMC.

Patient care

The 3D-Lab+ actively participates in various applications in patient care, focusing on patient specific solutions by means of 3D virtual planning with subsequent design and use of navigation strategies and patient specific surgical guides and/or implants.



In addition to the use of 3D-concepts in clinical care, there are also innovative research activities within the LUMC that seek to advance key aspects in the realm of digital surgery. In this sense the LUMC houses award-winning research groups that are actively promoting the use of 3D technologies for image guided surgery.



The 3D-Lab+ team is involved in several educational programmes within the LUMC, Bioscience campus, Leiden University and Medical Delta.