Full Femur Osteotomy

A Shepherd’s Crook deformity is caused by fibrous dysplasia and can be treated by a corrective osteotomy secured with eighter plates or intra-medullary nails. In complex cases, multiple and very large corrections are necessary, requiring careful surgical planning in 3D. First, the desired post-operative correction is virtually planned using 3D models generated from 3D CT scans. Second, to translate the virtual planning to the patient in the operating room, patient specific osteotomy guides are designed, 3D printed and sterilized for intra-operative use. These custom surgical guides, that precisely fit the unique bony shape of the patient, indicate the desired osteotomy location and osteotomy planes and facilitate the execution of the surgical procedure with high accuracy.

The patient in the example case had two surgeries to correct both legs.